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Emirati artist, Rashid Al Mulla, born in Sharjah was later brought up in Dubai. He developed a tangent for drawing and painting at an early age which was encouraged by school exhibitions and later at specialized art classes in secondary school. After finishing school, Rashid pursued a civil engineering degree at the Higher College of Technology. At the time, Rashid was unsure of pursuing a career in the arts due to the size of the industry and opportunities available for a local artist.
In 1998, Rashid joined the Sharjah Arts Institute and from there he started experimenting with different methods and varieties of art. These include oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, sculpture, pottery and print making. His heart set on oil painting, he began depicting scenes from the local environment and producing landscape pieces which he did as a hobby at an amateur level.
In 2002, Rashid decided to continue his studies in Civil Engineering in Canada and whilst there took the opportunity to attend academic art classes at the Concordia University, where he learnt the very basic of art techniques.
His experiences in Canada led the artist to develop an interest in using recyclable materials in his work, he continued to do this upon his return to the UAE and developed his own style incorporating what he learnt in Canada with drawing. The Crossroads exhibition offers a demonstration of a specific personal style of Rashid’s which he calls ‘microscopic creatures and beings.’