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Emirati artist, Najat Makki, holder of a PhD in metal coins from the Faculty of Arts in Cairo in 2001, is one of the leading artists of modern art movement in the UAE and identified as one of the pioneer Emirati women artists.

Makki experimented with different media and developed a passion for painting and sculpture. Her work was greatly influenced by her surroundings and traditions, with a clear visual reference to her family’s interest in embroidery and fabrics. Makki drew inspiration from the Egyptian civilization in some of her works since she regards the details and the techniques of Egyptian art as captivating components. The outcome of her work is a colorful depiction of calligraphy and lines staged from elements of the environment around her.

Through the course of her artistic journey she widely exhibited her works, gained local and regional recognition and received many awards, some of which are:

The Award of Culture and Art from the UAE 2008, Al Owais Award of Culture and Science in Dubai 20101, and the Silver Award from Mahaba Biennial in Syria 1999. Najat Makki represented the UAE twice in the Peking International Art Biennial in 2010 and 2012.