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J-Marc Schwaller was born in 1949 in Ponthaux, Switzerland. J-Marc completed his studies at the University of Bern to teach Visual Arts. Along with his teaching (which he practised for 10 years), he had a workshop where he worked with paint. Soon, he realised that to become a professional painter, he had to devote himself entirely to painting, especially since his work was quickly recognized. “What I seek is color and light”, J-Marc.

J-Marc Schwaller’s work finds its predecessors in the work of Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. Much like these modern masters, his motifs explore the compositional potential of color and form on the human psyche. His color combines with sweeping gestures to create daring works of awesome power and intellect. To stand in front of a J-Marc is to be in the presence of the pulsing vibrancy of his large canvases, and it is to feel, the fleeting nature of sublime spirituality. His work was displayed in the Museum of Art and History, Fribourg and in Broadway Gallery, New York.