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Indonesian artist Joko at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi

Joko is an Indonesian artist born in East Java: “The Visual Art that I present in my paintings comes from the inspiration that is embedded in my heart. It is a result of a spontaneous feeling. This feeling sends the movement into a circle of composition loaded with esthetics.”
Joko’s forms dance with a spontaneous rhythm that almost seems instinctive but comes with years of practice and amazing control over his chosen idiom. There is a Zen-like restfulness in his works as the forms have a visual dialogue. The flurry of colour is applied with seeming abandon yet immense repose.
The edgy element comes with refined spiritual thought, reflection, movement forward and poise. The colour palette is elegant, sophisticated, mature and sensitive. The minimal use of crimson red is like the life blood that flows in the paintings, almost bringing them alive. The core of the paintings can sweep one off with their intensity and grace.

Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi: 3 March – 14 June 2015

Swiss Tower JLT Dubai: 16 June to 30 October 2015


March 03, 2015