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Flamboyant Impressions at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

Flamboyant Impressions at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

Swiss Art Gate UAE together with Emirates Palace and the German photographer, Andreas Denstorf present “Flamboyant Impressions”, a photo exhibition of new works at the Mezzaluna restaurant in Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace. The opening reception of the exhibition was on Tuesday, 20 September 2016.  The exhibition will be open to the public daily 12.30 –7 pm until 15 April 2017.

Denstorf is a master of photography who not only takes pictures, but also transforms each image into a pop-art style with flashy colors and inventive compositions. Denstorf works with multiple levels – reflections, separations and overlaps – and he creates an exciting mood with each of his art works. The viewer can see variously transformed segments in many bright colors.

As reported in Interior Design magazine in 2015, “Denstorf titles his work “PLATUX”, derived from the philosopher Plato and Lux, which means light. He uses a blend of materials, colors, dimensions and forms to create something visual for the viewer. Denstorf’s artwork is similar to pop-art but he tries to go one step further by separating the picture into more colorful segments.” All artworks for sale. Please contact Mr. Kurt Blum – Go to CONTACT.