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Carmela Sullivan was born 1993 in Switzerland and lived in South Carolina, USA for 2.5 years. Growing up with a father who himself is an international known artist, she was destined to life a life full of art. She has got crayons and pencils in young age and started to learn from her father day after day. Never satisfied with her drawings and always having higher expectations, the art works got better. Every free hour was used to be creative, to learn and make progress.

After graduating school in Switzerland she started an apprenticeship as a graphic designer with an established advertising agency in Lucerne. During those four years apprenticeship, Carmela learnt much about the different art techniques and started to use them in her own drawings and paintings. Her most painted subjects are all kind of faces, specially woman faces. She likes to show different facial expressions and feelings. To give them her special touch, she adds an abstract art style to her paintings. Colour splashes and down running paint are some characteristics you will find in Carmelas paintings.

Through hard work and traveling around the world, Carmela’s art is getting internationally recognized. Since 2015 her art works are also available in the UAE. A new series of Portraits of the UAE Leaders just have been published in January 2015.