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45 UAE National Day

2,200 AED

In commemoration of the 45th UAE National Day HouseBau has put the subject into a visual artwork. A dazzling interplay between a unique brush stroke and the use of exceptional materials that concur powerful, atmospheric and calming as a whole. Like a great nation. The implementation of the ideas of nations which shape societies accordingly, stays behind HouseBau’s idea to depict this. The unique application of medium HouseBau uses, enhances the depth of the subject. In collaboration with Swiss Art Gate UAE and HouseBau.

The original artwork ‘45’ UAE National Day, oil, ink, 22 carat gold and hand cradled paper on canvas, format 152 cm x 102 cm by Swiss artist HouseBau will be auctioned during the next weeks until the 15th  December 2016. We are proud to be able to invite everybody to send a bid to become the owner of the original artwork. The starting offer is AED 14,500. Bidding offers can be sent to Mr. Kurt Blum, kurt.blum A D D or call +971 50 225 1783.

The artwork ’45’ UAE National Day by HouseBau will be displayed until 15th December at Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi, and at Swiss Tower JLT Dubai, Cluster Y. No entrance fee. For more information, please contact info A D D  


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Limited Edition print of 45 on Fine Art Paper


W 70 cm x H 50 cm

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