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Death in Safari

1,650 AED

With standard frame dark brown

Production time: 3 – 4 working days

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Name of Artist

Nurlan Bazhirov


Limited Edition Print on Fine Art paper


H 59.4 cm x W 42.0 cm

Year of Creation



Nurlan Bazhirov was born 22nd February 1964 in Karaganda City, Kazakhstan. In 1984 he has graduated at Almaty Art College, named after Nikolai Gogol. Since 1987 Nurlan is participating in various art exhibitions. Currently lives and works in Almaty City, Kazakhstan.

„Since my childhood I have loved to draw horses and deer. From the 4th class I attended school in Karaganda, then I moved to Almaty Art College. For six years I worked in the Karaganda Art Fund, and in 1986 gave up painting until 2004, though regularly attended the events to see the works of others. During this period just by chance I was doing decorations and had five years experience of making stained glass and mosaics. The works were monumental but did not bring me pleasure because the sketches were not mine. It was just a source of experience. There is perhaps nothing with which I have not engaged, I have even speculated on the market just to earn money. But I was drawn by creativity and sometimes I did paintings on silk. Chinese people liked this and they bought it. Now I paint animals, because I love animals, and do many works devoted to their memory. “