Claudio Viscardi at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi
Exhibition runs until 15 November 2014
Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, Mezzaluna
Until 15 November 2014
Daily from 12.30 - 7 pm
For visits please send SMS with name, date and time of visit to 00971 50 225 1783

Born in Switzerland in 1955, Claudio, a dual Irish Swiss citizen, lives and works on the Beara Peninsula in the southwest of Ireland. Clearly inspired by its breathtaking landscape, his works universalize nature and interpret its effects as a microcosm of all nature. Claudio can trace his artistic heritage back to before the 1700s and an ancestry steeped in art and architecture, many with prominent representation at the courts of Europe. A period of fresco restoration early in his development greatly influenced his work, in particular in relation to technique and to working on large scale wall paintings and murals, of which he has many to his credit. He has previously lived in Rome, Amsterdam, Dublin and Zurich and continues to exhibit his works internationally. His style is instantly recognisable and he has, irrelevant of trends, remained true to the pursuit of personal artistic ideals.
Claudio Viscardis palette reflects his life long research of the techniques used by the Old Masters and by the Italian Renaissance painters in particular. He has developed a semi fresco technique adapted for his canvas work, yet similarly versatile for his large scale mural work. The purity of the colours is retained as he mixes his own paints using rare and natural pigments, interspersed with diamond dust and crystals. 24 carat gold leaf appears throughout the collection, applied in fascinating contexts to fantasy architectural structures or to naturalistic swathes of expression, where natures shimmer or night time glow are captured in deft and knowing technique. Lapis Lazuli, Carrara marble, Malachite, Pompei Red, Chinese Vermillion, to name but a few, infuse the works with an originality of palette indicative of the artist. Viscardis canvas works capture the large scale dynamic of his wall paintings and murals, while these in turn enjoy the minutia and attention to detail of his paintings on canvas.

For more information
Kurt Blum 00971 50 225 1783
Fiona Ai Bubble at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi
Exhibition runs until 26 October 2014
Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, Light Box Gallery
Daily open to the public from 10 am to 10 pm. No entrance fee.
All artworks for sale.

Fiona Ai Bubble creates mixed media artwork aimed at Self Transformation. Each piece is the crystallization of a fleeting event in a spiritual life. She envisions art as a tool to live a better life, a concept she calls the New Light. It affects both the design and construction of all of her projects, and encapsulates the Ai Bubble creative process.
Ai Bubble artwork features the three great dichotomies: technology and human, science and spirituality, reality and imagination. Fiona Ai Bubble puts the chaos of these dichotomies into order through a philosophical tale, told in a visual symphony. In every project, she emphasizes the cycle of life, often represented by a process of decomposition and reconstruction. In doing so, she exposes the ephemeral nature of human existence. Her artwork implores the viewer to come to a higher consciousness - to begin Self-Transformation. By mixing logic, observation and feelings, Fiona discovers metaphors for the Self Transformation moments in life. Her artwork articulates these intangible moments, like serenity, inner peace or self-confidence.
Fiona said: My methodology is a fresh take on a cubist approach, involving elements of post-expressionism and surrealism. Core to the New Light movement is the notion of turning reality, photographic images or recycled materials, into a re-composition, like puzzle pieces forming an entirely new image.
Fiona uses symbols as a visual language, whether taken from tradition or invented in previous Ai Bubble series. Photography enables her to create imagery that brings to life the Ai Bubble meta-phors on Self-Transformation. Using digital processing in conjunction with drawing and painting, she bridges the organic and technological world, recognizing that these spiritual moments can only happen in the vessel of human existence.

For more information
Kurt Blum 00971 50 225 1783
Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi - from ceramics onto canvas by Amedeo Tremigliozzi
21 January until 10 May 2014
Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, Mezzaluna Restaurant
Daily open between 21 Jan and 10 May 2014, 12.30 to 7 pm. No entrance fee
Please send SMS to 00971 50 225 1783 with date, time and names.

Amedeo Tremigliozzi was born in 1973 in Benevento. He began his studies at the School of Art Benevento, which soon led him to seek forms and colors, increasingly intense. After graduating in 1993, he decided to expand the old pictorial studies and continue his learning process he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. The passion for decoration attached to forms and ideas led him to attend a course organized by potters Valisannio.

His artistic career began with painting on ceramics, in 2000, in his studio called Axis Mundi, which he constantly sought ways and decorations, preparing traditional Italian pottery on adapting an evolutionary process in modern key, and then devoted himself to painting on canvas ranging from classic to contemporary experiences.
The desire to continue along this path, with classic decorations of ceramics in a contemporary context, through the direct study, intuitive screens considerable dimensions in the study of light and becoming stronger colors, the artist managed to create an own style ceramic decoration on canvas, which condenses with extraordinary intensity, emotions and feelings alive, requested a fanciful imagination.

The nature, spectacular shapes and colors that show the fields and meadows, the irresistibly attract involving your mood, creativity, offering wonderful inspirations. The passion for decoration attached to these forms and ideas ceramic led him to mix these two elements, elaborating on a well orchestrated contemporary pictorial contest with lots of light.
Amedeo Tremigliozzi said:I am always challenged by doing work on canvas, because the work on ceramic is 3-dimensional and the one on canvas is a flat cotton screen only. In the meantime my brain is switching between a 3dimensionial and a 2dimensional thinking.

Mezzaluna diners will enjoy the delicious use of color and texture in the works of art garnishing the walls, a perfect pairing with the vibrant Italian cuisine created in the lively kitchen of Mezzaluna. The restaurant in the iconic Emirates Palace offers the ideal venue to display such a delectable collection of artwork.
Crossroads 14 - Art exhibition powered by Swiss Ladies
10 November 2013 until 11 January 2014
Yas Viceroy, Light Box Gallery, Abu Dhabi
Opening 10 Nov 2013, 7 to 9 pm
Exhibition runs until 11 January 2014

Swiss Art Gate UAE together with Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi presents the 14th edition of CROSSROADS, a series of art exhibitions at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi. Crossroads 14, Softness versus Dynamism shows artworks by two Swiss artists, Daniela Vincenz and Suzanne Ledergerber. The exhibition is hosted by Yas Viceroy, and the opening of the exhibition will take place on Sunday, 10 November 2013, 7 to 9 pm at the Light Box Gallery in the marina wing. The art exhibition runs until 11 January 2014.

The exhibition, Crossroads 14, Softness versus Dynamism, shows recent artworks from two artists, who work as professional artists, Daniela Vincenz additionally as a goldsmith in Switzerland, Suzanne Ledergerber additionally managing her family in Switzerland.

After numerous exhibitions in her home country Switzerland and moving to Dubai years ago, Daniela Vincenz now concentrates on painting. Coming from classic design and creation of jewelry work as a goldsmith, she continued to expand her painting skills and is still obsessed with exploring and creating contemporary variations of color and shape in a soft and sensitive way.
Swiss artist, Suzannes paintings are characterized by strong, full colors. The source of her subjects has been the world as she observes it with its contrasts and wide horizons. She plays with the fantasy of the observer and invites him to take part in her adventures, experiences and dreams. Her world becomes his and he shares her love of nature, sun, plants, the animal world, the desert, oceans, cities and fonts, with her.

The current exhibition Softness versus Dynamism shows the contrasting expression of two Swiss ladies, both very strong in their technical skills using various tools to achieve their final work, but both using different colors in their main topic, Daniela Vincenz uses mixed colors in soft shades and Suzanne Ledergerber strong bright colors.
For more information kblum ADD

Crossroads 13 with Emirati artists at Yas Viceroy
until 26 October 2013
Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi
Light Box Gallery and Bridge Gallery
17 September until 26 October 2013

Swiss Art Gate UAE together with Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi are pleased to present the 13th edition of CROSSROADS, a series of art exhibitions at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi. The exhibition, Crossroads 13, Past to Present, showcases artworks by two Emirati artists, Salem Al Junaibi and Rashid Al Mulla. The exhibition will be hosted by Yas Viceroy on Tuesday, 17 September, 2013, between 7 to 9 pm, at the Light Box Gallery in the marina wing. The exhibition runs until 27 October, 2013.

Crossroads 13 Past to Present, looks at different representations of human beings and their interaction from past to present day. Inspired by human kind and the way people have come to live together, Salem Al Junaibi, a police officer based in Sharjah, uses a variety of techniques on canvas. The outcome of his work is a story, reminiscent of archaic rock carvings and pottery. He adds animals and buildings to give context of his own culture and heritage.

Rashid Al Mullah, an engineer at Etihad Railway in Abu Dhabi uses several different materials to create his collection. Focusing on portraiture using cardboard and acrylic colours, the bulk of Rashids work uses recyclable materials to depict microscopic creatures and beings.

Salem Juma Hamad Al Junaibi was born 30 July, 1986. Raised in Sharjah, he developed an interest in art from a young age and was encouraged by a series of drawing and painting courses. As a student, Salem received recognition for his work in competitions organized by the Ministry of Culture and Education, winning first place for a city competition held in Sharjah and later, second place in a national competition. Salem continued to participate in numerous exhibitions organized by the Sharjah Art Institute and became a member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society in 2006.

Emirati artist, Rashid Al Mulla, born in Sharjah was later brought up in Dubai. He too developed a tangent for drawing and painting at an early age which was encouraged by school exhibitions and later at specialized art classes in secondary school. After finishing school, Rashid pursued a civil engineering degree at the Higher College of Technology. At the time, Rashid was unsure of pursuing a career in the arts due to the size of the industry and opportunities available for a local artist.
In 1998, Rashid joined the Sharjah Arts Institute and from there he started experimenting with different methods and varieties of art. These include oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, sculpture, pottery and print making. His heart set on oil painting, he began depicting scenes from the local environment and producing landscape pieces which he did as a hobby at an amateur level.
In 2002, Rashid decided to continue his studies in Civil Engineering in Canada and whilst there took the opportunity to attend academic art classes at the Concordia University, where he learnt the very basic of art techniques.
His experiences in Canada led the artist to develop an interest in using recyclable materials in his work, he continued to do this upon his return to the UAE and developed his own style incorporating what he learnt in Canada with drawing. The Crossroads exhibition offers a demonstration of a specific personal style of Rashids which he calls microscopic creatures and beings.

For more information please contact
Kurt Blum 00971 50 225 1783
kblum ADD .
Yas Viceroy: Photograph award winner Bertram Kober
until 14 September 2013
Crossroads 12, The Spectacular Carrara Series
Ligth Box Gallery
Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Photo Exhibition by Bertram Kober

Until 14 September 2013, daily 10 am to 10 pm

Bertram Kober won the award of recognition in April 2013 of the German Museum of Architecture and in 2011 The best photograph of the 54th Venice Biennial art exhibition.
Bertram Kober, born 1961, in Leipzig, Germany, lives and works in Leipzig and Berlin. He studied photography at the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig with Prof. Evelyn Richter and Prof. Arno Fischer. Numerous exhibitions and tradeshow participations in Germany and abroad, i.e. Houston,Texas, Zurich,Switzerland, Paris,France, Bratislava,Slovakia, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Dresden and Leipzig. His works are part of significant public collections in Europe.

All photographs for SALE.
For more information: Kurt Blum, 00971 50 225 1783
kblum ADD
Abdul Qadir Al Mubarak at Emirates Palace, Mezzaluna
12 March until 25 May 2013
Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, Mezzaluna
Daily from 12.30 to 7 pm by appointment only
Please call 00971 50 225 1783 Kurt Blum

Swiss Art Gate UAE in co-operation with Emirates Palace, is going to show Whispers of Color and Light by Abdul Qadir Hassan Al Mubarak in Emirates Palaces Mezzaluna restaurant. The launch of the exhibition will be on Tuesday, 12 March 2013, 5.30 to 7.30 pm in Mezzaluna. The exhibition runs until 25 May 2013 and is open to the public daily from 12.30 to 7 pm. Exhibition viewing by appointment only. On display are twentyfive artworks of the UAE based Sudanese artist, Abdul Qadir Hassan Al Mubarak in acrylic and watercolor.
The artist, Abdul Qadir Hassan Al Mubarak, who has developed under the wings of pioneer generation of artists, endeavored to be distinguished among his colleagues through his fondness with water colors, paintings which reflect a degree of enormous flow of colors, and his artistic streaming which is embracing the privacy of the Sudanese spiritual entity. His attitude is different from that of folklore artists, but it is in line with the creative and innovative use of the brush that reflects the rhythm of the African drums, the recitations of Sudanese Sufis, their night prayers, the glow of their sun and their sad days that rendered them pasted with colors, music and astonishment.

Sudanese artist Abdul Qadir Al-Mubarak builds his paintings through the harmony between the elements of a place such as groves and landscapes, weaving the strength of his compatible colors into this world and his artwork to tame the elements and colors and surrounding spaces.
His abstract works are formed effortlessly, as if he is not involved in their production because of the smooth color associations that characterize his paintings. A credibility that stems from the purity of purpose, nobility of construction, and a stringent expert configuration, is a hallmark.
Mubaraks painting has a privacy which cannot be overlooked by the eyes of the viewer who is able to read beyond color. These hidden relationships form a unique visual world buzzing with the romantic and nostalgic. All his paintings look like a garden in his dreams, or a paradise in his memory

All artworks are for sale:
Emirati Najat Makki and Swiss Peter Stoffel in Yas Viceroy
until 30 March 2013
Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi
From 6 February to 30 March, 2013
Open to the public, daily from 10 am to 10 pm

Swiss Art Gate UAE presents The Art of Life, Emirati and Swiss artists, Najat Makki and Peter Stoffel, an art exhibition in Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi.

The exhibition The Art of Life, Emirati and Swiss artist, Najat Makki and Peter Stoffel is Swiss Art Gate UAEs fifth exhibition with the participation of Emirati and Swiss artists. The art show aims to co-operate with artists from the two countries with their own views, and to develop the existing ties between the UAE and Switzerland.
Peter Stoffels artwork shows landscape in an abstract approach, whereas Najat Makki represents the female compassion in UAE culture.

For the first time in Abu Dhabi, Najat Makki shows her new work from the recent artist in residence program in Paris, France, which was awarded to her by Emirates Foundation, Abu Dhabi, between May and August 2012. Makki was inspired by the presence of international artists in the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris and the cultural environment of the capital of France.

All artworks are for sale, 00971 50 225 1783
George Classen in Emirates Palace, Mezzaluna
until 10 March 2013, 12.30 - 7 pm
Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, Mezzaluna
The Orchestration of the Human Mind
George Classen
23 January - 10 March 2013

Classen George Classens world of art is dominated by a profound knowledge of classical music and antique history, whereas he is transforming his inspiration in endless variations of design and colour by connecting acoustics and visual perception. By doing so the reproduction of the obvious is avoided. Miami Herald mentioned: George Classens dedication to his two passions, art and music, and his positive attitude towards all beauty in life and life itself, according to his motto set your own rules and adhere to them, makes his art as an adventure through mind. Meticulously executed drawings lead into powerful lines and keep the beholder in tension to discover more and more interpretations.
Angelo Visigalli, art collector, Tokyo said:For me George Classen is the VERSACE of the contemporary art scene. His paintings remind me of magnificent compositions and they fascinate the viewer.

George Classen, born 1942 in Luebben, Berlin, an early devotee of Albrecht Duerer, started his first graphic exercises by copying the famous engravings of the old german master from Nuremberg at the age of 7. It did not take him long, though, to indulge in his very own imaginative ideas, which he up to the present time did not cease to cherish and refine even further unto its most sublime limits. He was inspired by brilliant artworks of Picasso, Klimt and other masters of that time, but well considered not to copy them, but to transform the inspiring impact to his own, unique style.
At the age of 13 he discovered his second passion, classical music, which from then on continued to dominate his search for perfection in the visual arts.
The premature death of his father, however, annihilated the dream of pursuing a professional career in music and so one passion passed into the other. His obsession with music is well reflected in his very individualistic approach to the structure of his visual compositions.

Exhibitions in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich encouraged the artist in the late seventies, to exclusively dedicate his time and talent to painting alone, which decision became substantially enhanced and supported by his wife Eva, who in turn guided him to seek out for new impulses, motivation and inspiration and advised him of his abilities and failings.

Upon Evas enthusing George about Canada, where few of her family members were living, their honeymoon led them there in 1979. This journey should become a deciding turning point in their life.

Classen, at this time calling himself as a nervous and unsettled person, has been befallen of an, by then never known, absolute peace of mind in the north of Ontario. He experienced, as he is naming it, an initial experience, which let both, after living in Canada over several months and six months of waiting time for a visa, relocate from the Isar to the Ontario Lake. After all, the call of Canada to make an exhibition of Classens art pieces, was deciding for the immigration. Classen sent photos to interested places, where they had been so enthusiastc about his skills, that they invited him to Toronto in order to make a test-exhibition at the First Canadian Place. This perfect and very lucrative place let the artist encouraged to keep on reforming his already unique style, which by now endures, unperturbed by mainstream influences, as his own.
George Classens passion for music let the Toronto Galerist Kuchinski to commission a great series of paintings representing scenes of the grand operas of Giuseppe Verdi under the title Hommage a Verdi. Further exhibitions in Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and others followed.
November 9 in 1989, when the fall of the Berlin Wall symbolized a drastic change for the whole world, George Classens long time desire to go back to his very own cultural roots started to take shape and resulted to his return to Germany in 1991. However, his new cultural environment in the eleven years of stay in North America, Canada and USA from 1980 to 1991, enriched is artistic development though never neglecting his origins of European culture and his passionate love for 19th and early 20th century classical music.
After his return to Berlin, numerous exhibitions in this city as well as in Munich, Frankfurt, Hannover, Cologne, to mention just a few, justified his decision to return to Europe.
In 2003, a family case of illness led George Classen and his wife Eva, who was born there, to Wels, Austria. The planned few months ended up in a permanent stay up to now due to various successful exhibitions in offical places as well as in his several art studios where he experienced the acceptance of the public. His very special style, that can absolutely cast a spell on the audience can draw the attention of people from very different heritage.
Currently several presentations are planned in Asia. In Tokyo started this project, inter alia thanks to a private exhibition, very successfully, where the extraordinary painting techniques of Classen was even recorded by the most critical connoisseurs of the art scene with enthusiasm.
As well, his artworks had been examined very thoroughly by the renowned art critic from Berlin, Petra Breidenstein. Some of his pieces of art show an ornamentic, which resembles art deco works and equals at the level of painting techniques of pieces of art of Gustav Klimt or Friedensreich Hundertwasser.
It seems that nowadays, with his 69 years, George forfeit nothing of his energy and motivation. Classic music always on his side, of course.

For more info: 00971 50 225 1783.
All artworks are for sale:
Crossroads 9 with local artists in Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi
until 2 February 2013
Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi

Swiss Art Gate UAE together with Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi proudly announce Crossroads 9, Miniature Precision in Motion with Emirati artist, Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim and Omani, Abdulrahman Al Maaini. The opening of the art exhibition CROSSROADS 9 will take place on Wednesday, 28 November 2012, from 7 to 9 pm at the Light Box, Marina Wing Lobby of Yas Viceroy Hotel Abu Dhabi. Both artists Mohamed and Abdulrahman, were member of The Flying House, Dubai.

With Crossroads 9 Swiss Art Gate UAE presents and internationally acclaimed award winning Emirati artist Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim who has become known for using raw materials in his works such as hashed leaves, clay, paper, glue that he believes grow from the earth, to serve the purpose of artistic expression. Through his pieces of ink on paper, he affirms his belief that Art is motion. Since the 90s, Ibrahim has been engaged in a confrontation with nature and the environment in the region of Khor Fakan, his native region and authentic inspirational place.

Abdulrahman Al Maainis paintings are fields of visual signals painted with accuracy and precision. Perhaps it is related to the old science of Alchemy and some kind of mystical. Maybe they were inspired by the fast paced life of the modern city, its endless stream of sounds, the giant moving billboards in the streets of the crowded city and its malls and shops. Source, Total Arts at Courtyard, Dubai and UAE Fine Arts Society.
Emirates Palace, Picasso, Matisse, Dali
22 November 2012 - 19 January 2013
Swiss Art Gate UAE is going to show Classical Art in the Palace, From Picasso and Matisse to Dali in Emirates Palace Mezzaluna restaurant. The launch of the exhibition will be on Wednesday, 21 November 2012, 5.30 to 8 pm in Mezzaluna. The exhibition runs until 19 January 2013 and is open to the public daily. The exhibition takes place in cooperation with Emirates Palace and Pro Art Gallery.

On display are artworks of fourteen classic artists of the 20th century, including Picasso, Matisse, Miro, Dali, Dufy, Braque, Poulain, Chagall, Lorjou, Gall, Weisbuch, Zakharov, Larrieu, Valadon, Vollet.

The exhibition in Abu Dhabi will showcase unique international artworks and takes visitors on a colourful journey through the much loved pictorial world of the master painters of the 20th century. Offering a cross section of various oeuvre, the works on display span the arc from oil and acrylic paintings to lithographs, illustrations, engravings and aquatint. Diners will enjoy the delicious use of colour and texture in the works of art garnishing the walls; a perfect pairing with the vibrant Italian cuisine created in the lively kitchen of Mezzaluna. The restaurant in the iconic Emirates Palace offers the ideal venue to display such a delectable collection of artwork.

The exhibition runs until 19 January 2013. Daily open from 12.30 pm to 7 pm. By appointment only. Please call 00971 50 225 1783.

All artworks for sale:
Phone: +971 50 225 1783
Swiss Art Gate UAE, P.O.Box 450510, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Rhythm of Earth by Swiss Artist J Marc Schwaller
Until 20 November 2012
Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, Mezzaluna
For more Info, please contact
Kurt Blum 00971 50 225 1783 or kblum add

Under the patronage of H.E. Walter Deplazes, Swiss Charge d Affaires, A.I.

Emirates Palace in cooperation with Swiss Art Gate UAE, presents The Rhythm of Earth, Passage, an art exhibition with works by Swiss artist, JMarc Schwaller. The opening of the art exhibition will take place on Tuesday, June 19, 2012, 7 to 9pm at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, Mezzaluna, the hotels Italian restaurant, together with the Swiss artist and in the presence of H.E. Walter Deplazes, Charge d Affaires, A.I.

Jean Marc Schwallers exhibition of monumental oil and a series of watercolor paintings at Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, follows the recent display in the Broadway Gallery New York. His paintings appear to be hewn and then smoothed as if with a knife but without the density of the material ever diminishing the translucency of his light. While for many the smaller pieces may prove to be easier than the spaces of the larger paintings, and the artist does exhibit a series of smaller watercolours, he is at ease with himself when he can give unbridled rein to the freedom and the poetic spirit within him.

JMarc Schwallers work finds its predecessors in the work of Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. Much like these modern masters, his motifs explore the compositional potential of colour and form on the human psyche.
For more information please contact
Kurt Blum, Swiss Art Gate UAE 00971 50 225 1783 .
Crossroads7 - A Journey through the Masai Mara by Charlotte Simpson
Exhibition runs unitl 10 September 2012
Light Box and Bridge Gallery
Opening reception on Tuesday 26 June 2012, 7 to 9 pm

Under the patronage of The MARLAI Foundation for the Arts, Swiss Art Gate UAE, displays a stunning photo exhibition Africa, A Journey through the Masai Mara by acclaimed photographer, Charlotte Simpson, in the Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, 26 June 2012. The inauguration of the exhibition will take place in Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi Light Box Gallery between 7 and 9 pm in presence of the photographer, Charlotte Simpson.

British born photographic artist Charlotte Simpson, with her Dubai based business, is proudly a third generation photographer. Beginning her creative journey as a child where she was surrounded by photographic images, cameras and equipment, all from her fathers successful studios in London.
Always ready to capture a moment, Charlotte has gained considerable media exposure having won four prestigious business awards. Working with many celebrities and blue chip companies such as Gordon Ramsey, Sato Versace and Henrik Stenson, Charlotte is continuing her artistic evolution through her amazing and unique impressions of Africa. Her journeys to the Masai Mara in 2011 have become her artistic turning point. Her work takes many different forms of expression through the breathtaking images of the people and wildlife inhabiting Africas most stunning and aweinspiring planes.
Charlottes creativity has always been very much in the forefront of both her working life and personal pursuits. She has a keen eye for generating visually stimulating images, and has found her unusual ability to creatively capture life around her, has fast become an all-consuming passion. This resulted in starting her successful photography business, Hotshots Dubai five years ago.
For more information please contact
Kurt Blum, Swiss Art Gate UAE 00971 50 225 1783 .
Crossroads 6 - Banksy and other Street Art Legends
until 10 June 2012
Legends of Street Art at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi
Exhibtion opening Tuesday, 8 May 2012, 6.30 to 9 pm
Exhibition runs until 10 June 2012

CROSSROADS is a series of art exhibitions at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, initiated and organized by Swiss Art Gate UAE and in collaboration with Yas Viceroy. A new show of exclusive artworks will be exhibited in co-operation with Pro Art Gallery, Dubai with the opening reception of the exhibition CROSSROADS VI, Legends of Street Art on Tuesday, 8 May, 2012, 6.30 until 9 PM at the Light Box Gallery, Marina Wing Lobby. The exhibition runs until 10 June 2012 and is open to the public daily from 10 am to 10 pm. On display are artworks of eight legends of the Street Art scene: Banksy, Saif B. Chilmiran, Shepard Fairey, Gwenael Salaun, Richard Mirando, British Design Collective, Evil Dr Revolt, and Mr Brainwash.

In recent years there has been an increasing interest in an ephemeral and viral form of art that is marking urban settings around the world, and has developed a flourishing sub-culture all its own. Now though, Street Art is going mainstream. Auctioneers, collectors and museum directors are scrambling to learn urban art vocabulary and develop positions on the big street art issues.

The exhibition in Abu Dhabi is quite significant as it will showcase Street Art for the first time in Abu Dhabi, such a diverse collection of street artworks from around the world. Artworks from household names such as Britains most celebrated and enigmatic graffiti artists Banksy, Americans Richard Mirando aka Seen often referred to as the Godfather of Graffiti, Pioneer Shepard Fairey, Los Angeles based French artist Thierry Guetta aka Mr Brainwash and local Saif B. Chilmiran, Canadian national with Iraqi roots, born June 13, 1990 in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Banksy, born in UK, is perhaps the most famous current graffiti artist. While his real name is still the subject of much debate, Banksy is known throughout the world as a graffiti artist who specializes in satirical political and societal commentary. His art is a combination of stenciling, spray paint and fine brush painting. Known for infiltrating art museums and creating huge displays in prominent places in major cities, Banksy recently came out of anonymity long enough to collaborate with and put on a show in the Bristol Museum of Art.
Crossroads VI displays also two artworks by Mr. Brainwash MBW. Mr. Brainwash is a pseudonym for the character Thierry Guetta in the film Exit Through the Gift Shop, directed by Banksy. Like Banksy, Guetta employs famous artistic and historic images, many of which are copyrighted, and amends the originals in slight or significant ways. Unlike Banksy, who is shown in the film creating his own work, Guetta states in the film that his work largely consists of scanning and photo shopping, acts which are carried out by hired assistants. Guettas first show Life is Beautiful opened in Los Angeles June 2008. In 2009, Guetta created the cover art for Madonnas Celebration album.
Another artist to be featured during the exhibition includes Saif B. Chilmiran, who will be adding some Emirati flavor to the international mix with selected works, born 1990 in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In 2006 Saif was offered his first mural commissioned job at a popular gaming lounge within the city. This exposition of his work and talents eventually lead to his graffiti, murals and street art being demanded at various promotional events, MTV Arabia, 2009 Mini Cooper launch, Redbull Air Race, Chevrolet Urban Challenge, Marc Ecko, a collaborative project with the international Spanish photographer Miguel Trillo, to name a few. In 2008 Saif started experimenting with canvas and other forms of art, while always keeping the street art factor in perspective.

For more information, please contact
Kurt Blum, Swiss Art Gate UAE 00971 50 225 1783 or
SOON: Emirates Palace Art by Fiona MacKenzie
Opening on 17 April 2012
Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, Mezzaluna
Building Blocks, Pathways and Treasures
In Building Blocks Dubai-based artist, Fiona MacKenzie creates intriguing almost tapestry like buildings which represent living in the world, and sometimes almost hidden lyrical figures can be seen under layers of paint, suggesting a private, contemplative spiritual angle. Pathways are seen on different levels and represent the various roads that are available in life and which we find ourselves on at different stages. Sometimes in her unusual paths there are walkways as well as sometimes stairs which lead nowhere, and curved roads all as important symbolic metaphors for places we find ourselves in.
CROSSROADS 4, Diversified Union at Yas Viceroy, Abu Dhabi
Until end of March 2012
Yas Viceroy Hotel, Abu Dhabi
Opening 29 January 2012, 6.30 pm

CROSSROADS is a series of art exhibitions at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, initiated and organized by Swiss Art Gate UAE and in collaboration with Yas Viceroy. The opening of the art exhibition CROSSROADS4, Diversified Union will take place on Sunday, 29 January 2012, 6.30 PM at the Light Box, Marina Wing Lobby together with the group of eight Emirati artists, Abdul Rauf Khalfan, Ahmed Sharif, Azza Al Qubaisi, Khalid Al Banna, Mohamed Al Qasab, Muna Abdul Kader Al Ali, Muna Al Khaja and Nasir Nasralla.
The art exhibition Crossroads at Yas Viceroy Hotel, Abu Dhabi aims at making art accessible for everyone who walks into a public place, as well as to showcase the work of Emirati and resident artists.

Diversified Union is a joint venture between a group of Emirati Artists and Swiss Art Gate UAE. Swiss Art Gate UAE has cooperated with this group in 2011, and displayed their artwork in Europe and in the United Arab Emirates, except the artwork of Azza Al Qubaisi. Azza Al Qubaisi is the creator of the yearly Swiss Ambassadors Award.
Swiss Art Gate UAE invited artists to Lausanne Switzerland during the Emirati Swiss Friendship Forum in June 2011 and to the celebration of 40 Years UAE National Day in Podgorica, Montenegro, on 2nd December 2011, under the patronage of H.E. Hafza Al Ulama.

All artists come from different areas in the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and their background is different as they studied with various masters in the past. Their artwork shows different languages, but all have one in common, to deliver the message of their life and heritage by creating oil or acrylic paintings on canvas, sculptures or mixed media work.

For more information please contact
Kurt Blum, +971 50 225 1783
CROSSROADS 3 The Beauty of Heritage - Abdul Rauf Khalfan
Until end of January 2012
Yas Viceroy Hotel, Abu Dhabi, Light Box Gallery

Abdul Rauf Khalfan draws images from his mind and his dreams. His art becomes his means of expression where he gets inspired by challenges in life which drive him to portray his emotions through his paintings. That dream of the woman collecting sea shells at the beach not only led him to use oil paint but also rendered the female a key figure in his work. However, the subject matter of his paintings concentrated on the traditions and symbols of the Emirati culture, portrayed through its distinct architectural heritage, its natural environment of palms, flowers and birds and the familiar day-to-day objects such as the traditional Emirati coffeepot. His style is marked by simplifying the objects he sees, hence, they appear as pictograms, symbols or signs. In his paintings there are predominantly three main elements within three rectangles: a man, a girl and a bird.
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Art @ Mezzaluna, Emirates Palace
Art @ Mezzaluna, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, is an exhibition with works by Eileen van der Merwe, Paolomaria and Lisa Mounteer-Watson.
Guided tours will be held by registration. For further details please contact: Ms May Karam, +971 56 6966 601,
or Mr Kurt Blum, 00971 50 225 1783,
CROSSROADS #2 - The Yas Hotel
Until end of August 2011
CROSSROADS #2 is the second art exhibition at The Yas Hotel, Abu Dhabi, in 2011, initiated and presented by Swiss Art Gate UAE and in collaboration with The Yas Hotel. The artwork by Fatma Lootah and Musab Abdul Qader Al Rais are displayed in the Light Box Gallery of the Marina Wing Lobby.
The aim of the art displayed at The Yas Hotel is to make art accessible for everyone who walks into a public place, and to showcase the work of Emirati and resident artists.

For more information please contact Kurt Blum, 00971 50 225 1783 or

Khalidiya Rotana - Abdulaziz Al Fadli
until end of June 2011
Swiss Art Gate UAE together with Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana present the art exbhibition SYMPHONY OF LETTERS AND COLORS by Emirati artist Abdulaziz Al Fadli.

Abdul Aziz Al Fadli is an artist and calligrapher from Abu Dhabi. Influenced since childhood by great Arab and Turkish calligraphers and renowned painters, he developed a genuine classical artistic style rich in structures and colors. However, Al Fadli went far beyond that, he enriched his talent with studies and analysis of the Arabic calligraphy and by understanding its secrets through imitation, practice and interaction with calligraphers. Thus Al-Fadli shaped his talent and developed an individual style that may sometimes seem unconventional, yet conserving common rules, namely those which are theme-selective.

His approach gave his paintings a touch of beauty and innovation. Al Fadli also enriched his talent and broke new ground thanks to his educational background. He is a researcher in Islamic social and philosophical heritage, a poet and a writer. He has studied music and photography and has worked in theater for many years. In recent years Al Fadli has traveled a lot to Arab and Western countries.
His artistic talent thus became an innovative scientific and artistic combination manifested in his unique paintings which seem more like a symphony or a poem honoring the Great Arabic letter.
Throughout his short career in the field of art, he participated in many exhibitions locally and abroad.
The Yas Hotel - CROSSROADS - Art Exhibition
January - March 2011
Crossroads - an art exhibition organized by Swiss Art Gate UAE with two Emirati artists, Dr. Najat Makki and Khaled Juma Ahli and two resident artists, Rebecca Rendell and Andre C. Meyerhans, on display in The Yas Hotel, Abu Dhabi. Walk through the corridors of The Yas Hotel and you will find some interesting artwork, or go to the terrace of Ateyeb restaurant, where you can enjoy a shisha in the open air majlis of Andre C. Meyerhans. In the light box gallery of the Marina Wing (next to Nautilus restaurant) artworks by Dr. Najat Makki and Ahmed Juma Ahli are on display. In the Nautilus restaurant and on 2nd floor of the bridge, Rebecca Rendell created art out of car parts.
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Footsteps - An Arabian Journey - Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel
Nov 21 to Dec 14, 2010
This exhibition of artworks - Footsteps - An Arabian Journey - mirrors some of the areas travelled by Ibn Batutta. With its roots in the Orientalist Art tradition, Judy has drawn together strands from the past and present depicting its timeless continuity.

Judy is a well-established artist living and working in Dubai, where she first arrived in 1983 having also spent several years in Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

Through her long association with the area, much of her work has an Arabian link, its architecture, people, traditions and wildlife.

Her affinity with wildlife in art brought her into contact with various related organisations in the UAE, the National Avian Research Centre, Sharjah Natural History Museum and Breeding Centre, Dubai Natural History group, ERWDA, Arabian Leopard Trust and the Saluki Breeding Centre.

Her reputation has earned her numerous corporate and private commissions including the designing of over 50 stamps for the UAE General Postal Authority. Her work has been widely exhibited throughout the UAE and Oman winning several awards for her falcon paintings.
Opening of the art exhibition: 21st Nov 2010, 7 to 9 pm
Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel, Jebel Ali, Dubai
Grand Market Hall
Emirati-Swiss Art Exhibition
November 1 to 15, 2010 - Shangri La Hotel, Abu Dhabi

On the occasion of the launch of an Emirati-Swiss Friendship Platform
with the signing ceremony between the two Co-Chairman

H.H. Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan
Member of Abu Dhabi Executive Council

H.E. Pascal Couchepin
Former President of Switzerland

and the Swiss Food Week at Shangri La Qaryat al Beri Hotel, Abu Dhabi, Swiss Art Gate UAE is going to display the artwork of ten different artists living in the United Arab Emirates - painters, fashion designers and interior designers. The work of those artists retains traces of their roots and conveys influences from the local Arabic culture and design.

Emirati artists
Khaled Juma Ali, paintings
Mohamed Al Qassab, paintings
Abdul Rauf Khalfan, paintings
Dr. Najat Makki, paintings
Salama Al Mansouri, paintings

Swiss artists
Claudia Dietschi, design
Stephanie Hediger, mosaic
Andre C. Meyerhans, design
Yoqut Schmid, fashion design
Daniela Vincenz, paintings

40% of the proceeds from each artwork sold during the Emirati-Swiss Friendship Platform will go to The Magic Lantern - non-profit educational film club for children aged 6 to 11,

Please do not hesitate to ask for the price list at the Shangri La Qaryat Al Behri Hotel reception or view the price list here:

We thank you for your support!
THANK YOU - Tracking the Emirates RAK Hospital

Thank you for visiting the art exhibition. Some artwork are still available on

We thank you for visiting and supporting the art exhibition TRACKING THE EMIRATES. The exhibition ended September 30, 2010.
Translation of Swiss children books
During the Summer 2009 Kalima (Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation) translates Swiss Children Books into Arabic,
among others: 'Heidi' | Peter Stamm | by Johanna Spyri | Illustrations: Hannes Binder.
Kalima is a major new translation initiative by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage, which funds the translation, publication and distribution of high quality foreign writing into Arabic.

Every year Kalima will select 100 candidate titles of classic, contemporary and modern writing from around the world to be translated into Arabic.

Photo 1 : book cover; photo 2: Johanna Spyri